How to get Vietnam visa Sri Lankan passport holders?

How to get Vietnam visa Sri Lankan passport holders?

Vietnam visa SrilankanTraveling to Vietnam as with any other nation, mandates you to bear the visa of Vietnam along with your passport unless of course if your country has been specifically exempted which is not the case with Sri ortunately, Sri Lanka does have a bilateral agreement with Vietnam on the issue of Visa on Arrival and thus the facility of Visa on Arrival is accessible and applicable to citizens and passport holders of Sri Lanka. Hence if you are a Sri Lankan citizen and want to travel to Vietnam you can opt for the traditional way of applying for a visa through the Vietnam embassy in Colombo Sri Lanka or you can also apply for it online for a hassle free process to pick up your visa on arrival at international airports of Vietnam.

When you are applying for a Vietnam visa through embassy of Vietnam in Colombo Sri Lanka, the following things should be borne in mind:

1. You need to bring your original passport which needs to have a validity of at least six months and should remain valid for more than one month past your expected date of departure or exit from Vietnam.
2. You need to bring along with you 1 photos (passport size)
3. You will be charged visa processing fee, stamping fee and such other fees as may be required at the Vietnam embassy.

Vietnam visa on arrival for Srilankan

4.Normally the embassy takes something like 4-5 business days to process your application however please bear in mind that certain public holidays like the Vietnamese New year can cause significant delays to your visa application.

For Vietnam visa on arrival, you will be required to fill up a visa form online which is basically a detail of all the particulars like your name as in passport, date of entry and exit Vietnam, passport number and its validity and your preference Vietnam visa type: single entry or multiple entry for 1 month or 3 months .

Vietnam offers two types of visas the normal tourist visas or C1 visa and business visa which have various codes like B2 and B3. The validity of the tourist visa is thirty days while that of the business visa varies between one to three months. If you are applying for a tourist visa you may need to give a detailed itinerary with air tickets and hotel booking. A business visa will require you to submit a letter from your employer or your sponsor on the company letterhead. Express services are also available at additional costs to expedite the application process.

Resource Box: You don't have to squander your time running around and standing in embassy queues to get the Vietnam visa approval letter, apply for it online right here.


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